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Rubs Massage Studio
1531 N. Wilmot
Tucson, AZ 85712
(520) 885-2224
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About Us
We are passionate about providing a quality, results-oriented massage
experience. So whether you are looking for alignment of body, mind and
spirit, pain relief or to just escape for some peace, we can fulfill your
wishes. We have two tiers of service that provide different experiences; we
highly recommend that you work with several of our talented therapists so
that you can discover the perfect match for you. With a variety of styles and
different levels of training, each therapist has met our hiring standards and
offers you their unique expertise.
You are our priority; whether
your massage treatment goal
is relaxation, pain relief,
stress release or simply a
peaceful time away for
yourself, we are committed to
finding the absolute perfect
match for your massage
needs. All of our therapists
have met our quality hiring
standards and offer you their
unique expertise and talent
so that you may enjoy a
massage customized
especially for you!
Rubs Vision
To refresh and nourish the
body & spirit by providing
quality and affordable
massage to
as many
people as possible
Since 1987 I have been
inspired by massage and the
profound benefits it provides.
I am thrilled to share my
vision of excellent massage
with you.  Thank you for
choosing Rubs for your
massage and skin care
Shelene Taylor
It is also important for you to communicate with your therapist to achieve
maximum results from your experience. Let them know what pressure you
like and if you have any physical issues you are dealing with. Our Promise is
to have every visit meet or exceed your expectations! To accomplish this we
would love your feedback in order to continuously provide better service. You
can do this with a phone call or by visiting our
feedback page
Our Promise
Administrative Office
1535 N. Wilmot
Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: 520-382-8888
Fax: 520-885-5015
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